1st Solo Exhibition | Emotions & the Subconscious, Panikos Mavrellis Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus
Miss Tatiana Ferahian, MLS at opening of my 1st Solo Exhibition, December 2010:

“Pepi often experiments with Acrylic paints, as well as with charcoal and watercolour. In her new series of works Pepi has come on to the wonderful idea of allowing Nature to be her muse. She blissfully prints with various types of leaves, which she finds from her immediate surrounding, such as the geranium, fig, apricot, citrus, oleander et al.

In experimenting with the application of paint to leaves, which are then applied to the canvas, hard-board or paper, Pepi seems to engage herself in a sacred activity – and doesn’t seem to allow any negative thoughts to inhibit her creative flow of expression. Similar to a medieval monk who transcribes a manuscript with painstaking care and devotion, each leaf of her artwork carries an imprint of the Divine.

I must say how happy I am for Pepi, being surrounded here by so many of her works expressing her enthusiasm and candour, and showing us the exuberant side of her calm and peaceful personality. I am confident that these paintings will give so much pleasure to all.”.

Congratulations !!! This is the fruit of your passion and the results of your hard work !!! I can only imagine how proud your family must be. I am convinced that your work will be recognised by all the art lovers and one day I will help you in your London exhibition .

I really like your paintings, they are very expressive with bright colours. I think I see your personality within those paintings, happy and humorous. You should really consider having more exhibitions, I am sure you will find the right people who will appreciate your work.

It looks seriously interesting; fantastic colours and moods by the look of it.

I really love the paintings …… Can’t stop looking at them ! Have showed them to a few friends who have been mad about them. The colours in “Zest” really blew them away. Thank you so much !
A McG, Qatar

With your work in particular I got a feeling of real lightness and peacefulness from looking it and after reading the personal statement everything really gels together. You also have very acute observations with regards to your subject matter, the works are very detailed and draw you in as the viewer, leaving you to contemplate each individual line, texture and colour. It reminds me a bit of Van Gogh. Rough beauty, emotional honesty, and bold colour all rolled into one. Long may it continue !
JM, London

Pepi just love your art pieces … fantastic use of colour and feeling, the poetry was sublime, beautiful to read your thoughts there on your life’s journey.
LH-C, Limassol